Shopify CLI Docker image

Shopify CLI Docker image

Shopify CLI is a command-line interface tool that helps you build Shopify apps and themes. It quickly generates Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP apps, app extensions, and Shopify themes. You can also use it to automate many common development tasks.

Theme Kit is a cross-platform command line tool that you can use to build Shopify themes.

Docker hub:

How to use the image


docker run --rm -p 3456:3456 -v local_folder:/shopify hieuhidro/shopify:cli-2.33 login
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  • docker-compose.yml:
version: '2.2' services: shopify: image: hieuhidro/shopify:cli-2.33 volumes: - ./theme-custom-dawn:/shopify - ./config:/root/.config/shopify/config - ./.cache:/root/.cache environment: # For shopify v3 only - SHOPIFY_CLI_NO_ANALYTICS=[1|0] - SHOPIFY_CLI_THEME_TOKEN=[Your theme password (] - SHOPIFY_CLI_TTY=0 - SHOPIFY_CLI_DEVICE_AUTH=[1|0] - SHOPIFY_FLAG_STORE=[Your Store URL] # For nginx-proxy - VIRTUAL_HOST=local-domain - VIRTUAL_PORT=9292 - SERVER_HOST_IP=[Host IP:] - CERT_NAME=default - HTTPS_METHOD=[noredirect|redirect] # For nginx-proxy ports: - '3456:3456' - '9292:9292' - '8081:8081' theme: image: hieuhidro/shopify:themekit-1.3.1 volumes: - ./theme-custom-dawn:/shopify - ./config:/root/.config/shopify/config - ./.cache:/root/.cache environment: - THEMEKIT_PASSWORD=[Your theme password (] - THEMEKIT_THEME_ID=[Your theme ID] - THEMEKIT_STORE=[Your Store URL] - SHOPIFY_CLI_DEVICE_AUTH=[1|0] - 'THEMEKIT_IGNORE_FILES=*.gif:*.jpg:config/settings_data.json' ports: - '3456:3456' - '9292:9292' - '8081:8081' # For nginx-proxy networks: - default - proxy networks: proxy: external: true # For nginx-proxy
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  • docker-compose
docker-compose run --rm --service-ports [shopify/theme] help
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  • Starting development a theme
docker-compose run --rm --service-ports shopify theme dev

Access to the container

docker run --rm -it hieuhidro/shopify:cli-3.30 bash


docker-compose run --rm --service-ports shopify bash

Adding more npm shopify extensions: using env


NGINX-PROXY (Check the docker-compose.yml)

Running the shopify theme development under nginx-proxy


shopify-cli v2:

shopify-cli v3


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