Setup Magento 2 Application.

Setup Magento 2 Application.

Setup Magento 2 application.

This tutorial use: Operating System Ubuntu 16.xx
Step One: Readmore about Magento 2 system requirement. >> System requirement
Step One: Install System Envairoment: >> Install Apache >> Install PHP, MYSQL >> Setup Virtual Host.
Step Three: Download Magento Source Code From Magento.

Step Four: Extract Magento 2 source code to your Web Root folder

Step Five: Create a Local Database. >> Install Database: Install PHP, MYSQL

Step Six: Navigate to your virtual host, Run step by step to setup Magento 2.


——————————————– Setup Magento 2 with command line ——————–

php ./bin/magento setup:install --base-url=[http://domainsample.local] --backend-frontname=[admin_path] \
--db-host=localhost --db-name=[magento2_database] --db-user=[database_username] --db-password='[database_pass]' \
--admin-firstname=[Hidro] --admin-lastname=[Admin] --admin-email=[[email protected]] \
--admin-user=[admin] --admin-password='[admin123]' \
--language=[en_US] --currency=[USD] --timezone=[America/Chicago] \
--use-rewrites=1 --session-save=[db] --cleanup-database


>> Readmore Deploy Project To Online Web Server

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